Facts about NKS

  • Area: 330,000 sqm in total
  • About 8000 rooms
  • 714 total in-patient beds; 90 day care centres; 36 operating rooms; 8 radiation bunkers; 168 reception rooms
  • Research Laboratory
  • Education Facilities

The following goals have been set for the NKS project

Integration of medical care, research and education

Healthcare, research and education should be so integrated that they effectively support the development and dissemination of new knowledge

Attractive and humane environments

The project will create attractive and humane environments with high architectural values both within and adjacent to the hospital.

Effective care processes

Care and support processes will be streamlined and resource utilization optimized.

Solutions that permit continual development

The hospital shall, as far as possible, work with general solutions that allow continuous business development.

A prioritised and clear role in the city

The hospital and its activities should be given a priority and clear role in the city

The sustainability perspective

The project, at all levels, will work from a sustainability perspective.


NKS is certified according to LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and “Miljöbyggnad Guld”. This means that the buildings are energy efficient and that a good indoor environment has been met. During construction, Skanska has used sustainable materials and resources as well as environmentally adapted transport.