About us

Swedish Hospital Partners (SHP) is a so-called project company and was formed to execute the contract with Region Stockholm, former Stockholm County Council. For this purpose the company was formed in April 2010. 50% of SHP is owned by Skanska, the remaining 50% by Innisfree Ltd. SHP is responsible for financing the project, which includes life cycle costs throughout the contract period


Skanska’s business stream Infrastructure Development advances essential infrastructure such as hospitals, roads and airports, using Skanska’s financial and development expertise and resources. These public-private partnerships – that the Construction business stream executes – provide optimal solutions for each project’s entire lifecycle.

Innisfree Ltd

Innisfree is the UK’s leading infrastructure investment group that sponsors and makes long-term investments in public private infrastructure projects. Innisfree currently has a platform of 57 projects with a capital worth of 18.4 billion pounds covering health, education, transport and defense. Innisfrees investors include leading UK institutional investors and municipal pension funds. Foreign institutional investors, including those from Denmark, Sweden, the United States and Canada, currently provide 30% of Innisfrees funds.

Overview ownership structure

We are SHP

  • Anna Zetterlund
    Finance Director
  • Mikael Lindberg
    Managing Director
  • Per Högdahl
    Operational Director
  • Anders Hansson
    Technical Compliance Manager